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Research Fields


Developing products that are central to preventive medicineResearch and development of pharmaceutical/chemical product groups for disease prevention and patient treatment

  • Prescription medicines

    • Professional medical treatment medications used by medical institutions and medical professionals
    • Development of next-generation circulatory compounds with different functions and effectiveness
  • General medicines

    • Medicines that customer can buy directly at pharmacies without a doctor's prescription
    • Development of essential medicines including disinfectants for medical institutions and general customers
    • Development of products that are easier to use and have improved efficacy compared to existing products
  • Medical devices

    • Instruments and medical devices used for medical procedures for patients at medical institutions
    • Products that improve hygiene, convenience of hospital care, reduction of patient discomfort, and satisfaction
    • Research on manufacturing and improvement of various prescription products used by medical institutions as well as general customers
  • Health functional foods

    • Development of health functional foods focusing on preventive medicine
    • Development of individually recognized materials using domestic and international new materials
    • Development of various functional food ingredients to improve quality of life
  • Living chemical products

    • Chemicals used in everyday living spaces, such as homes, offices, and multi-use facilities
    • Development of cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization products that are close to everyday life
  • Cosmetics

    • Development of quality of life improvement products that have the effect of skin protection and improvement of functional substances
    • Research on next-generation functional cosmetics using new functional microbiomes
    • Development of products considering safety, functions and environment that reduce skin irritation
    • Development of MD (medical device) creams by expanding business areas in the future
  • Non-medicine products

    • Development of products related to the treatment and prevention of diseases
    • Development of sterilization and insecticide products to prevent infectious diseases and preservation and protection products for affected areas
    • Development of products that increase prevention effects, ease of use, and dual functionality compared to existing products