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The best choice for sterilization Nano-Quell®

Nano-Quell® FN-S Series is an independent sterilization system developed by Clean Biotech Co., Ltd., and is equipped with a state-of-the-art technology that vaporizes and sprays sterilizers in nano-sized steam.

  • Brand name


  • Purpose

    Sterilization of all bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc., present in indoor spaces and on surfaces

  • Differentiation

    Dispensing sterilizers in nano-sized particles

  • Efficiency

    - Sterilization : Six Log Reduction (99.9999%)
    - Disinfection : Four Log Reduction (99.99%)

  • What is sterilization and disinfection?The highest level of sterilization in which bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores are completely wiped out.

Nano vaporization dispensing system


Patent name Patent No. (Patent date)
Space and surface disinfection device 10-2019-0015143 (2019.02.08)
Space and surface disinfection system equipped with sterilizer decomposition device 10-2019-0015150 (2019.02.08)


  • 1Nano-sized spraying Increase in sterilization and disinfection efficiency

  • 2Superior diffusivity Easy penetration to all places

  • 3Using small amounts of sterilizers and disinfectants Short sterilization and disinfection time

  • 4Less work time More efficient use of space

Product specification and usage

Product specification

Size 450*460*1100 weight 45Kg electricity 220V(60Hz)
power 2.5Kw technology Nano Evaporating Spray System
H2O2 sensor O scrubber X dosage Up to 400m3
Size 450*460*1100 weight 45Kg electricity 220V(60Hz)
power 2.5Kw technology Auto Scrubbing System
H2O2 sensor O scrubber O dosage Up to 400m3
Size 350*160*450 weight 20Kg electricity 220V(60Hz)
power 1Kw technology Nano Evaporating Spray System
H2O2 sensor O scrubber O dosage Up to 100m3

For facilities that require sterilization and disinfection

  • Medical institutions : hospitals, clinics, health centers
  • Pharmaceutical companies : injection agent production facilities, microbial laboratories, animal experiment centers
  • Multi-use facilities : daycare centers, postpartum care centers, nursing facilities, etc.
  • Transportation : ambulance, bus, subway, airplane
  • Surgery rooms & emergency rooms

  • pharmaceutical companies

  • daycare centers

  • ambulances

Sterilization Process

  • Step 01

    Sterilization and disinfection preparation

  • Step 02

    B.I and C.I attachment

  • Step 03

    Sterilization and disinfection

  • Step 04

    B.I cultivation and C.I check

Sterilization check

  • Cultivate biological indicator in 59℃ incubator for 7 days and check for discoloration
  • 99.9999% dead confirmed

Sterilization service

Sterilization service

  • Sterilization performed by highly skilled professionals
  • Newly built facilities and long sterilization cycle
  • When there are no sterilization personnel
  • Sterilization target: pharmaceutical company's GMP facilities, microbiological laboratories, animal experiment centers, etc.

Sterilization report

  • Verification by biological indicator cultivation
  • Sterilization efficiency: Six Log Reduction(99.9999%)
  • Use sterilization reports when visited by buyers and supervising agencies