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Sweatrol Pad Liquid, face application for sweat control

The face sweat cure, Sweatrol Pad Liquid, is an anticholinergic drug that antagonistically blocks acetylcholine action on the receptor organ responsive to the collinergic nerve of the post-synthetic fiber and other acetylcholine-responsive receptors.

Sweatrol Pad Liquid, face application for sweat control

  • Medicine and quantity

    Glycopyrrolate 23.4 mg per sheet (Diameter: 54.0 mm, medicine liquid 1.17 ml)

  • Characteristics

    Circular non-woven pad permeated with a colorless, transparent liquid that smells of ethanol

  • Efficacy · Effects

    Facial hyperhidrosis (Excessive facial sweating)

  • Usage · Dosage

    Once a day for adults, rub a pad of this product lightly on the affected area about five times, except on the eyes, nose, and mouth. Before applying this medicine, the affected area should be thoroughly washed and sufficiently dried, and the affected area should not be washed within four hours after use.

Sweatrol Pad Liquid Q&A

  • Q

    When do you use it?
    Dry your face after washing and use it before going to bed
  • Q

    How do I use it?
    Dab the pad on your face.
  • Q

    What do I do with my basic makeup if I use Sweatrol?
    You can put on basic makeup after 10 to 20 minutes
  • Q

    How long does the medicine last?
    At least one day (can be different depending on individuals)
  • Q

    Why do I have to use it on a dry face?
    To increase the transfer of the medication to the skin
  • Q

    Why do I have to wash my hands after using it?
    To prevent the medicine from touching your eyes

How to Use Sweatrol Pad Liquid

  • Step 01

    Wash the affected area of the face thoroughly and dry it completely.

  • Step 02

    Check the picture above before applying the Sweatrol Pad Liquid to the face. Apply it within the range except around the eyes, nose, and mouth.

  • Step 03

    1) Open the wrapper for 1 unit of Sweatrol Pad Liquid and take out the non-woven pad soaked with the liquid.
    2) Lightly rub the non-woven pad with the liquid on the area five times to evenly cover the affected area (see Step 2) and the face (excluding eyes, nose, and mouth).

  • Step 04

    1) Do not wash the applied area for at least 4 hours after applying the Sweatrol Pad Liquid.
    2) Be careful not to let sweat get into your eyes from hard exercise for 1-2 hours after use.