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In April 2011, Firson's Cheonan plant received the GMP certification from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Since then, the plant has been a partner in the successful business of its customers by producing high quality medicines.

Firson's strengths

  • Competitive prices thanks to its up-to-date mass production facilities

  • High quality based on strict quality control

  • Less inventory management costs due to optimal logistics and accurate delivery

Consigned production formulation information

Classification Details
Ointments General ointments, aseptic ointments, gels, creams
External applications Lotions, liquids
Internal applications Glass bottle, stick pouch
Non-medicine products Goggling agents, cleaning agents, disinfectants, etc.

OEM process

  • Step 01

    Customer consultation

  • Step 02

    OEM production consultation

  • Step 03

    Product request

  • Step 04

    Signing contract

  • Step 05

    Receiving order

  • Step 06


  • Step 07

    Quality test

  • Step 08


Automated equipment video

Contact guide for CDMO Team

  • 070-4850-7540

  • 070-4850-7672

  • 070-4850-7671