A company whose utmost priority is human health and well-being

CEO Greeting

A company that prioritizes the creation of value for people.

I am Kim Dong-jin, CEO of Firson Co., Ltd.
Thank you so much for visiting our website.
Firson Co., Ltd. is a pharmaceutical company founded in 1957 with the basic aim of improving the health of people and quality of life through clean environment and hygiene management.
Rather than making the company’s name known, the priority of our employees is to develop and produce excellent products. And thanks to all their hard work and your support, we have unquestionably grown into a pharmaceutically specialized in company.

Not only staying satisfied with the domestic market and utilizing our overseas production facilities for pharmaceutical products in the U.S. and Europe, we are heading toward the global market by strengthening our OEM production and export operations in more than 10 countries around the world, including the U.S.
Through strict quality control and honest management in all areas of our production and business operations, we promise that our executives and employees will continue to work hard to make the best products for our customers without focusing overly on external growth.
People always come first, and with this mindset, we will work hard to repay you for your support and interest.

Thank you.
Kim Dong-jin, CEO of Firson Co., Ltd.