A company whose utmost priority is human health and well-being

Company Introduction

Management  Philosophy

Firson Co., Ltd. inherited its management philosophy from the late founder and Chairman Kim Yong-an. This philosophy is the company's own spirit of business that all executives and employees cherish in their hearts.

  • Honest management We always keep a straight and honest mind. This mindset gives us the confidence that we can achieve anything, and it is the backbone of our unwavering faith in times of difficulty.
  • People centric We value both our customers and our employees. People are the essence and starting point of our business, so we always put people first.
  • Social contributionTo protect and promote the health and happy life of mankind, we contribute to society by fulfilling our calling.


Based on our management philosophy, we at Firson Co., Ltd. wish to present a strong vision, a mission to be accomplished, and value for our company, driving continued growth and suggesting a future direction to all employees.

A partner who takes care of your health, and happy everyday life

  • People

    Always putting person first.

  • Health

    Leading the infection control and health & beauty markets.

  • Development

    Developing products essential to the well-being of mankind.

  • Global

    Striving towards global market.

Core Values

  • 새싹 아이콘 이미지

    in thoughts and actions that is not restrained
  • 악수하는 아이콘 이미지

    in all matters
  • 성과를 의미하는 트로피 아이콘 이미지

    for customers and employees
  • 바이오를 표현하는 아이콘 이미지

    products production for mankind
  • 집 아이콘 이미지

    O(Our Passion)
    for the best
  • 집 아이콘 이미지

    N(New Challenge)
    to take on a new challenge