A company whose utmost priority is human health and well-being


Corporate culture

Firson is a company that puts people first.

  • Profit sharing program

    Share with employees!

    When the company achieves its goals, it pays all employees special performance bonuses.

  • Red bell

    Ring the red bell!

    Red points awarded for IDEA submissions to support employees' self-development and dining out expenses

  • Digestive medicine

    When you can't communicate, you need digestive medicine!

    The company supports various bonding activities for employees (ex. hobby clubs, can meetings, lightning short-notice meetings, etc.)

  • Red week

    You've worked hard. You deserve a nice vacation!

    9-day leave during the Christmas week is given to all employees who have worked hard for a year.

  • Health food events

    Let's enjoy the food! It’s on the company!

    The company provides healthy foods to employees on teh three hottest summer days. The event includes a presentation of gifts to the employees who participated in various in-house campaigns.

  • Free dress code

    You can wear shorts when it's hot!

    The company lets its employees work in their best condition by allowing them to dress freely and by providing various work clothes.

Working environment

A company that protects your health, a company that protects your happiness, a company that protects your life

  • Commuter bus support

    'It's hard to commute using public transportation!

    Shuttle bus support for employees of Firson (Cheonan)

  • Employee lounge

    You can take a break here when you're tired!

    Support for a lively working environment

  • Re-employment system after retirement

    If you take good care of your health, you can work here for your whole life!

    After the age of 60 (retirement age), commissioned positions are made available for all of Firson's retirees

  • Company cafeteria

    We will take care of your nutrition!

    The cafeteria serves free breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for employees, with well-balanced, nutritious food. (Cheonan)

  • Flexible working hours

    The beginning of work-life balance!

    We seek to maximize work efficiency and improve quality of life by supporting a working hour selection system and shorter working hours depending on the personal situations of employees.


Employee benefits

With love and support between all employees, just like in a family, Firson provides an environment where employees can enjoy a stable life and work enthusiastically through various welfare benefit systems.

  • Support for special family occasions

    Let's share the joy and sorrow together!

    Support for employees' happy and sad family occasions, such as wedding and funeral. The company provides gift money, wreaths and funeral supplies.

  • Birthday support

    Happy birthday to you!

    Gifts to all employees on their birthdays

  • Support for childbirth

    Congratulations on the birth of a new family member!

    Congratulatory incentives and gifts for employees and their spouses for childbirths

  • Support for the education of employees' children

    We will help you pay for your children's education!

    The company pays school tuition for up to two children (high school/college) of employees

  • Parental leave

    We support double income families!

    Support for leave, prenatal/postnatal leave and paternity leave at the time of childbirth

  • Free recreational facilities

    Don't worry about booking a hotel every summer!

    Lotte Resort and Hanwha Condo are open to all employees even during peak season.

  • Support for the school entrance of employees' children

    Congratulations on your child entering school!

    The company provides gift money and gifts to all employees with children entering a school.

  • Easy-to-use annual leave

    No more walking on eggshells when deciding on your annual leave schedule!

    The company supports the work-life balance of employees by recommending sandwich breaks and long-term leave.