A company whose utmost priority is human health and well-being

Company History

  • 2021
    2021.06 Selected as ATC+ (excellent research company) by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
  • 2016~2020
    2020.12 ‘Corporate Innovation Grand Prize’ awarded by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
    2019.04 Total care brand ‘Daily Doctor’ launched
    2019.03 Beautiful Taxpayer Commendation Award awarded by National Tax Service
    2018.11 Extension of Cheonan plant (New production line for sterilization/aseptic ointment)
    2017.12 Medal of Merit awarded by the Cambodian government for the donation of drugs
    2017.07 Completion of the Total Logistics Center for Seoul metropolitan area (Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do)
    2016.12 $5 million Export Tower awarded
    2016.09 Prime Minister's Commendation Award awarded for hiring elderly citizens
  • 2010~2015
    2015.12 Company’s name changed to Firson Co., Ltd.
    2015.11 European CE Certification for Opidex Liquid acquired
    2015.02 ISO 13485 certification acquired
    2014.12 Steel Tower Industrial Medal awarded for job creation by the Korean government
    2014.05 First export of Pobi Clean Brush and Hexy Clean Brush to the Philippines
    2013.07 World's first face hyperhidrosis treatment 'Sweatrol Pad Liquid' released
    2013.04 First export of nasal spray and ointment to the U.S.
    2012.12 First export of Momulinum Liquid to China
    2011.04 Completion and Advanced GMP certification of Cheonan plant
    2010.12 Completion of Advanced GMP Cheonan plant
  • 2000~2009
    2009.11 Certified as a company that practices win-win negotiation between labor and management
    2009.07 MAIN-BIZ certification as a Management Innovation small/medium company
    2008.12 Gyeonggi-do Small and Medium Business Administration Commendation Award
    2008.10 Venture company certification
    2007.04 INNO-BIZ certification as a Technology Innovation small/medium company
    2006.12 Established the Seonggwang Pharmaceutical Chemistry Research Center
    2005.06 Approval for the manufacture and sale of medical devices
    2005.01 Kim Dong-jin takes office as the 2nd CEO of the company
    2000.10 Approval for the manufacture and sale of non-medical products
  • 1950~1999
    1997.01 Changed to a corporation as Seonggwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
    1995.03 Approved for KGMP qualification
    1988.01 Kim Yong-an takes office as CEO of the company
    1988.01 Company’s name changed to ‘Seonggwang Pharmaceutics Industry'; CEO Kim Yong-an appointed as board member
    1957.05 Approved for the manufacture and sale of drugs; Established the Seonggwang Pharmacochemical Research Center