A company whose utmost priority is human health and well-being

Ethical Standards

Firson Co., Ltd. is a pharmaceutical company founded in 1957 that has focused only on basic, essential drugs with the fundamental idea of improving people's health and quality of life through clean environment and hygiene management.

All executives and employees pursue proper ethics and values based on honesty and trust, and perform their duties through constant self-development and hard work.

All executives and employees recognize customers as their No. 1 concern in all of their decisions and actions, and respect their opinions at all times while filfilling their duties as partners.

All executives and employees create high value through transparent and efficient quality management to maximize the profits of shareholders and investors.

In accordance with the principle of free competition in all areas of business around the world, all executives and employees respect the market economic order and secure competitive advantages through fair and legitimate means based on mutual respect.

The work environment is created to respect the dignity of all executives and employees as human beings, treat them fairly and equally according to their capabilities and performance, and exercise creativity to contribute to the development of the company.

By growing into a sound company through transparent and honest business activities, the company fulfills its responsibilities and obligations as a member of society, and contributes to the improvement of quality of life and social development through the creation of social value.